Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment firm, founded in the United States in 1957, it has presence in 225 cities in 25 countries. It provides trust investment management services for $ 75.5 billion and manages for third parties around $ 68.6 billion in assets.

It has more than 165 active developments around the world and has historically developed, remodeled or acquired more than 1,426 properties, representing more than 43.8 million square meters. Hines’ current portfolio includes 576 properties, approximately 22.8 million square meters.

In 1994, it entered the Mexican market creating efficient spaces with the highest standard and adding value to the development of all its clients in the commercial, residential, office and industrial fields. With extensive investment experience across the spectrum of property types and risks – and a pioneering commitment to sustainability – it is one of the largest and most respected real estate organizations in the world.

The commercial projects include three spaces that distinguished themselves with their innovative design and excellent location in their corresponding market: City Center Hermosillo, Mérida and Bosque Esmeralda. The development of residential projects with the highest standards and avant-garde designs located in the most important cities in the country have given place to spaces like: Residencial del Bosque in México City; Acueducto 360 in Guadalajara; Sierra Azul, in Queretaro city; Monteleón and Punto Central in Monterrey.

The longtime presence of Hines in Mexico and the extensive portfolio has been distinguished by iconic office buildings in Mexico City, such as the Coca-Cola corporative building, located in Polanco, as well as the renovation of the Torre del Ángel building, located in Paseo de la Reforma, the most important real estate corridor in Mexico city.

One of the most important achievements of Hines in our country has been the development of the Parque Industrial Querétaro, one of the biggest in México, located in the northern region of Queretaro city, which was the catalyst for the industrial development in the region. In San Luis Potosí, Hines developed the Parque Logístico, and the first industrial building which obtained the LEED® certification in México. The Park has its own intermodal terminal, custom house and zona franca In Guadalajara city Hines has developed four industrial parks consecutively: Parque Industrial Tecnológico 1, now known as Parque Jalisco; Parque Industrial Tecnológico 2, Parque Industrial Tecnológico 3 and Parque Industrial Tecnológico 4. In the Bajío zone, Hines has led diverse development projects fitting the necessities of the clients, such as BOS and ABB etc.